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You can Calculate your Monthly expense and Monthly Spends on Insurance Verification / Eligibility Verification using the below calculator

Before you calculate please understand how our verification service works

We have Different type of Verification’s done for patient’s accounts which are below the Cost Calculator

Dental PPO verification Full Form with Medicaid Verification Cost Calculator

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PPO Short Form & Medicaid Verification Cost Calculator

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Methods and Types of Verification

  • Regular Verifications – Any Insurance Verification done for patients who are scheduled for tomorrow or future dates and are on appointment schedule are called Regular Verification.
  • Same Day Walk-in’s / Live Verification – Any Patients Insurance accounts which are requested to be verified on the same day of the appointment or any patient who is not on schedule and the verification is requested from doctors office are called Same Day Walk-in’s / Live Verification
  • New Patient PPO / Long Form – Any patient who is new to the practice will be called to insurance company and are verified with a long and detailed form which consist of 80+ questions this will help the Doctor’s office to understand the patient’s insurance plan and to plan treatment.
  • Revisit Patient PPO / Short Form – Any Patient who is coming to the office as a recall or second time or more is considered to be a revisit patient and they are verified with a short form which will have about 25+ questions.